Three Column Responsive Layout

Back in the day, creating multiple columns in HTML was easy; a <table> tag, a couple of <tr> and <td> tags, and Bob’s your uncle.

These days, there’s CSS to consider. A tableless web design philosophy that is superior to the old table method. An ever-growing number of phones and tablets with varying screen sizes that means one size does not fit all. Continue reading “Three Column Responsive Layout”

Will Facebook video replace YouTube?

This week there has been a lot of buzz about Facebook video plays.  Since incorporating their video auto-play feature earlier this year, the number of video plays has increased by 50%.  They are claiming a billion video views per day, with two thirds of those being on mobile devices.

While that’s nothing to sneeze at, there are a couple of points to consider. Continue reading “Will Facebook video replace YouTube?”

Testing arbitrary HTML online

September 22, 2014

Found a better site for testing HTML (and Javascript):

Original Post

Occasionally, I’ll need to test an HTML snippet for one reason or another.  Typically I’ll build a mockup page in a text editor, save the page on my desktop, launch it in a browser window and check the results.

That method works fine, but there’s an easier way.  Go to W3School’s Tryit Editor, enter the HTML you wish to test in the left-hand pane, hit Submit, and the results will show in the right-hand pane.  Easy peasy.

Podcasts and buzzword abuse

Attention boys and girls!

I generally try to curb my pedantic tendencies when it comes to talking about technology.  I understand that most of the world does not care one whit about the technical minutiae that interests me.

But one thing that can instantly send me into a geek rage is the misuse of the term “podcast.” Continue reading “Podcasts and buzzword abuse”

HTML validators/cleaners

On a fairly regular basis, I’ll run across a page on one of the sites I manage that’s gone sideways- usually due to someone making an edit to the content that inadvertently broke the HTML markup.

Or, I’ll have a page that I need to modify, but the markup is so poorly formed that it’s impossible to make heads or tails of it.

So what do you do?  Pore over the source view to find the problem, or copy/paste it into Notepad and do the necessary cleanup manually? Continue reading “HTML validators/cleaners”

Google Reader alternatives

As is their custom, Google is killing off their Google Reader RSS feed aggregator on July 1 due to their inability to monetize the service.  Here are a handful of alternatives. Continue reading “Google Reader alternatives”